African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Joseph G. Bryant, "The Tenth Cavalry, U.S.A." (1907)

The Tenth Cavalry, U.S.A. 
Rev. Joseph G. Bryant

All honor, noble, gallant Tenth,
All honor for your martial strength;
    Loud speaks Caney,
And oh! the world doth tell
'Twas through the noble Tenth she fell.

Hard fought the foe, and to the last
Death far and near his cannon cast;
    Black heroes fell!
Death came to bring them fame
Oh! gallant Tenth great is thy name.

Mid whizzing shot of musketry
On went th' undaunted cavalry;
    Though comrades fell,
Yet boldly up the hill
The noble Tenth went onward still.

O! long may freedom's banner wave
O'er Cuban homes ---the Nation save;
    Though discontent,
True liberty abide,
And rightly be the Nation's guide.

Historians, with one consent
O, write with bold encouragement,
Their names on scroll of fame
Let coming ages read the same.

Americans of freedom soil,
Until the tooth of time shall spoil,
    Their noble deeds
Of bravery let stand
Ever in stone and marble grand.

Published in Colored American Magazine, March 1907

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