African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Julius C. Wright, "The Colored Heroes in Blue" (1906)



 Uncle Sam says they are useful. 
 That's why he holds them fast. 
 In the hottest of the battles 
 They stood until the last. 
 They fought; they charged to the front; 
 Their excelsiors were of few. 
 Uncle Sam gave honor 
 To the colored heroes in blue. 

 From the Revolution to date 
 The colored heroes stood stout. 
 No advancing foe 
 Has ever turned them out. 
 Ever since when war broke out 
 Uncle Sam said they would do. 
 Honor to the noble sons — 
 The colored heroes in blue. 
 In Uncle Sam's uniform, 
 To aid him in his fate, 
 Marching bravely to the front, 
 And braver still of late. 
 Dying and trying, killing and spilling, 
 Ever brave and true; 
 Honor to the undefeated 
 Colored heroes in blue. 
 Every body speaks high of them. 
 How they mingled with the band 
 When they sheared the Spanish-American 
 And charged at San Juan; 
 How they saved the Rough Riders. 
 The Spaniards they withdrew 
 When they saw the angry faces 
 Of the colored heroes in blue. 

From Poetic Diamonds

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