The Kiplings and India: A Collection of Writings from British India, 1870-1900

Alice MacDonald Kipling

Alice MacDonald Kipling (1837-1910) was born in Sheffield, England. She was one of four sisters who would go on to have illustrious careers in the arts, including pre-Raphaelit Georgiana Burne-Jones and author Louisa Baldwin (see Judith Flanders, A Circle of Sisters. Alice MacDonald married John Lockwood Kipling and moved with him to Bombay in 1865, where her son Rudyard and daughter Alice ("Trix") would be born. Alice MacDonald Kipling and Lockwood Kipling remained in India for many years, including during the period her children were being educated in England. Alice MacDonald Kipling published much less of her writing than did the other three members of her nuclear family, but some of her poems are found in collections like Quartette (1885) and in Hand in Hand: Verses by a Mother and a Daughter (1901)

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Quartette (1885; contains a poem by Alice MacDonald Kipling)


Hand in Hand (1901; collaboratively written with Alice "Trix" Kipling)

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