The Kiplings and India: A Collection of Writings from British India, 1870-1900

The Singh Sabha (February 16, 1886)

On Saturday and Sunday last, the 7th anniversary of the Siri Guroo Singh Sabha, Lahore, was duly celebrated by the members. The annual report, briefly giving the Sabha's history from its commencement, and mentioning the progress made in a short period of seven years, was read by Bhai Nikka Singh, the Secretary of the Society, on Saturday evening at the Sikhsha Sabha Hall, and was adopted as satisfactory. A lecture in Urdu, by Bhai Jowahar Singh, followed, which dealt with "Sikhism and its progress." In the course of his lecture he said "though Government has opened schools and colleges for public use, these institutions have not greatly benefited the 'Sikh,' as most of the community reside in villages." On Sunday there were readings and singing of sacred hymns, and a series of lectures and speeches in the Chani Mandi. 

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