Claude McKay's Early Poetry (1911-1922): A Digital Collection


Essay authors: Heather Simoneau (works by Claude McKay), Amardeep Singh (Secondary Sources)

A selection of Claude McKay’s work is presented here in the order of publication. Links are provided to WorldCat catalog records for the first editions of the texts so readers can find the nearest copy of the work to their location. In cases for which there was no WorldCat record for the first edition, a link is provided to the earliest edition that appears in that catalog. For Harlem Shadows, we chose to link to The Harlem Shadows Project. Sources for this bibliography include Literature Online and Literature Resource Center.

Works by Claude McKay

McKay, Claude. Songs of Jamaica. Kingston, Jamaica: A.W. Gardner & Co, 1912. Print.

McKay, Claude. Spring in New Hampshire and Other Poems. London: Grant Richards, 1920. Print.

Harlem shadows; poems (New York, 1922)

The Negroes in America [trans. from Russian by Robert Winter, 1979] (Moscow, 1924)

Trial by lynching: stories about Negro life in North America [trans. from Russian by Robert Winter, 1977] (Moscow, 1925)

Home to Harlem (New York, 1928)

Banjo: a story without a plot (New York, 1929)

Gingertown (New York, 1932)

Banana Bottom (New York, 1933)

A long way from home (New York, 1937)

Harlem: Negro metropolis from home (New York, 1937) Selected poems (London, 1953)

The dialect poetry of Claude McKay [2v.] (Freeport, 1972)

The passion of Claude McKay: selection of poetry and prose; ed. and introduction by Wayne F. Cooper (New York, 1973)

My green hills of Jamaica, and five short stories; ed. with an introduction by Mervyn Morris (London, 1979)

Secondary Sources

Wayne Cooper, Claude Mckay, Rebel Sojourner in the Harlem Renaissance. 1987 (new edition 1996).

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