The Kiplings and India: A Collection of Writings from British India, 1870-1900

Alice Kipling ("Trix")

Alice Kipling (1868-1948), commonly known within the biographical literature as "Trix," is the daughter of Lockwood Kipling and Alice MacDonald Kipling and sister of Rudyard Kipling. Along with her more famous brother, Alice wrote poems and short stories connected to Anglo-Indian life. She was educated for several years in England, though she didn't suffer the same acute distress Rudyard felt due to separation from family. Alice returned to India in 1883, and began collaborating with Rudyard on early projects such as Echoes (1884), Quartette (1885), and Plain Tales from the Hills (1886-7). She married Jack Fleming in 1889, and published her first novel The Heart of a Maid, under the name Alice Kipling Fleming, shortly thereafter. She later published a second novel, A Pinchbeck Goddess, under the name Beatrice Grange. In 1901, Alice collaborated with her mother to produce a volume of poetry, Hand in Hand: Verses by a Mother and a Daughter.

Writings by Alice Kipling on this Site:

Echoes (1884; collaborative volume produced with Rudyard Kipling)

Quartette (1885; collaborative volume with a single short story, "The Haunted Cabin," contributed by Alice Kipling)

Plain Tales From the Hills (1886-7; short stories first published in the Civil & Military Gazette without attribution; most are by Rudyard Kipling, but several, including "Love-In-a-Mist", "How it Happened", and an early version of "A Pinchbeck Goddess," are almost certainly written by Alice Kipling)
"The Little Pink House" (Pall Mall Gazette)

Forthcoming in the near future: 

The Heart of a Maid
A Pinchbeck Goddess


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