African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

John F. Matheus (John Matheus), "Belle Mam'selle of Martinique" (1928)

Belle Mam'selle of Martinique,
Tell us why your dainty feet
Trip so blithe the Elysees,
How your rainbow turban lies,
Framing eyes of wild surprise,
Archly twinkling as you sway
Down the famous Elysees.

Belle Mam'selle of Martinique,
Do not show improper pique,
Daughter of the tropic shore,
Where the winds and sun restore
Color to the Nordic cheek,—
You are a maiden, quite unique,
Petite girl of Martinique.

Golden colored nymph are you,
Golden maid, whose eyes are dew,
Golden colors; copper, bronze,
Mango, almond, olive, orange.
Roguish maiden, picturesque,—
You're a human arabesque,—
Sweet coquette, demurely meek,
Belle Mam'selle of Martinique!

Published in Carolina Magazine, May 1928

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