Claude McKay's Early Poetry (1911-1922): A Digital Collection

Comrades Four

DEAR comrades, my comrades,
My heart is always true;
An' ever an' ever
I shall remember you.
We all joined together,
Together joined we four;
An' I have been first to
Pass t'rough the open door
We four drilled together,
Together drilled we all;
An' I've been the first to
Flee from the life o' gall.
We parted, dear comrades,
We parted all in tears,
An' each went his own way
To shoulder life's sad cares.
O comrades, my comrades,
What is de lasting gain,
But all t'rough de tempest
A heart of unmixed pain?

My comrades, loved comrades,
I hear your bitter cry;
But life's pain will end, boys,
Will end yet -- by an' by. 

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