Claude McKay's Early Poetry (1911-1922): A Digital Collection

De Route March

IN de fus' squad an' de front rank,
'Side me dear Will on de right flank,
From de drill-groun' at the old camp
We went marchin' on a long tramp.
In de forefront was de gay band,
An' de music it was ring grand ;
O how jolly were we boys, oh,
As we marched 'long t'rough St. Jago!
As we tramped on out de dull town,
Keepin' time so to de drum's soun',  
All de folkses as dey ran out,
Started dancin' with a glad shout.
We went swingin' do'n de steep hill,
Me so happy by my dear Will,
Wid our carbines slung about we,
An' our glad hearts like de air free.
We drank a draught from a pure brook
Dat came windin' roun' a lee nook;
Then homeward turned from de cool spring,
Wid our good S. M. commanding.
To de music wid a good will
We went tramp-trampin' up de hill,
An' back to camp strode marchin' t'rough
De sad ruins of St. Jago. 

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