African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Raymond Garfield Dandridge, "In Flanders Fields" (1920)


(Written after reading "The Appeal," by Lieut. Col. John McCrea; "The Promise," by G. B. Galbreath, and "The Fulfillment,'' by Joseph A. Clark.)


Row on row the crosses stand;
The breeze blown poppies nod
Approval of the gallant band
Asleep beneath the sod,
In Flanders Fields.

No lark is nigh:
Aloft, a plane (man's eagle of the sky)
Is strewing wreaths on those who lie
In Flanders Fields.

No resting soul need wake to weep
For faith mistrusted to our keep:
His heritage is peaceful sleep—
In Flanders Fields.

Published in The Poet and Other Poems, 1920

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