Asian American Little Magazines 1968-1974: By Amardeep Singh

Gidra 1.1

The first issue of Gidra appeared in April 1969. It contains a mix of U.S. focused pan-ethnic writing -- where the authors and editors aimed to begin defining the newly-coined concept of "Asian American" identity -- and a broader, Third Worldist revolutionary focus.  

The editorial statement is worth including: 

Truth is not always pretty, not in this world. We try hard to keep from hearing about the feelings, concerns, and problems of fellow human beings when it disturbs us, when it makes us feel uneasy. And too often it is position and power that determine who is heard. This is why GIDRA was created. GIDRA is dedicated to truth. The honest expression of feeling or opinion, be it profound or profane, innocuous or insulting, from wretched or well-off—that is GIDRA. GIDRA is TRUTH.

The staff are listed (irreverently) as follows: 

Chester...Room Barfer
Dinora...Human Being
Laura...Apprentice REvolutionary
Mike...Aquarius Dawning
Seigo...Everyday Person

Many of these correspond to the real names of editors and contributors. The founders of the magazine are understood to be Dinora Gil, Laura Ho, Tracy Okida, Colin Watanabe, and Mike Murase

Its table of contents runs as follows: 
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