African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

George Marion McClellan, "An Octoroon's Farewell" (1895)


O love, farewell, a long farewell, 
Ten thousand times good-night, 
God's benediction with thee dwell, 
And guide thy steps aright. 
We part to-night; it must be so, 
Tis best for thee and me, 
But my true heart can never know 
Love lessening for thee. 
Love's promises were but a myth, 
A mockery and sham; I've lived to learn 
I'm tainted with 
The cursed blood of Ham. 
Dear love, how could I know when I 
Gave to thee all my heart, 
That far as earth is from the sky, 
Our lives must lie apart? 
Yet I can never rue the day, 
Though all the world I miss, 
For death itself can not outweigh, 
My momentary bliss--

Published in Poems, 1895

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