Collected Poems of Henry Derozio: Preface by Manu Samriti Chander; Edited by Amardeep Singh


   "Hopes that are angels in their birth,
   Yet perish young, like things of earth!"

Come, Hope! and cheat me once again, 
   And though thou dost beguile the heart 
Thou sweetly dost beguile. 
   Thy voice my soul doth love to hear, 

Although thou dost betray; 
   Thy notes fall softly on mine ear, 
Like music far away! 
   Then cheat me, cheat me, ne'er depart, 

I love thy witching smile; 
   And though thou dost beguile the heart, 
Thou sweetly dost beguile. 
   There may be much in life to fear; 
Th' ungenerous world may scorn— 
   I'll heed it not, if thou art near, 
Sweet, brightest star of morn! 
   On thee the wretched fix their eye, 

To them art thou most dear; 
   'Tis thou dost hush the widow's sigh, 
And dry the orphan's tear. 
   And though thou oft hast cheated me, 

I love thy witching smile; 
   Howe'er beguiling it may be, 
It sweetly doth beguile.
   I love thy witching smile; 

Sweet Hope ! my castles in the air 
   Thou oft hast helped to raise; 
And while they rose most bright and fair, 
   I've dreamed of better days— 

I've dreamed of better days; but when 
   My Joys were in their birth, 
The blast of ill wind blew, and then 
   My castles fell to earth. 

It boots not—cheat me, ne'er depart, 
   I love thy witching smile; 
And though thou dost beguile the heart, 
   Thou sweetly dost beguile. 

Star of my life! without thy ray, 
   The world would darksome be; 
And though thou oft lead'st me astray 
   I'll still be led by thee. 

Star of my life! where'er I roam, 
   Be thou but shining there; 
The waste shall be a welcome home, 
   The wilderness be fair. 

Shine on, and cheat me—ne'er depart 
   Thou ne'er can'st make me grieve; 
For though thou dost deceive the heart, 
   Thou sweetly dost deceive. 

Thou oft hast promised me new joys, 
   But when the time drew near 
The visions faded from mine eyes, 
   Where started forth the tear: 

But when again thy form so bright 
   I saw, and saw thee smile, 
My heart leapt up with fresh delight, 
   And trusted thee the while. 

Then come, sweet Hope! and cheat my heart 
   Until it beats no more; 
I never would have thee depart— 
   Come, cheat me o'er and o'er! 

April, 1827.

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