Collected Poems of Henry Derozio: Preface by Manu Samriti Chander; Edited by Amardeep Singh

Here's a Health to Thee, Lassie!

Though wild waves roll between us now, 
   Though Fate severe may be, Lassie; 
Though darkness cloud, at times, my brow, 
   Yet, here's a health to thee, Lassie! 
Yes—here's a health to thee, my love! 
   All good that e'er hath been, Lassie; 
Sweet peace below, and bliss above, 
   One day of brightest sheen, Lassie! 
Yet, ah! I dare not fondly hope 
   For thee a joy below, Lassie: 
And till thou canst with sorrow cope, 
   Severe will be its blow, Lassie. 
We've smiled together—but 'tis past: 
   We've wept—those days are o'er, Lassie; 
'Twas too much happiness to last, 
   Its loss we now deplore, Lassie. 
We mirthful revels yet may keep, 
   Yet feel the throes of pain, Lassie, 
But we, alas! shall smile, and weep 
   Together ne'er again, Lassie. 
Yet sweeter 'tis despairing now 
   Than e'en to smile at will, Lassie, 
With those who 're faithless, and while thou 
   Remain'st unaltered still, Lassie. 
What boots it then, that I repine 
   At Fortune's stern decree, Lassie?
My every thought is only thine! 
   My every hope for thee, Lassie! 
Come hither, boy! fill up my bowl— 
   When hearts are wet with wine, Lassie, 
And love is wakened in the soul, 
   The draught's indeed divine, Lassie! 
My cup, perhaps, may taste of tears, 
   But still it sweet will be, Lassie— 
Then—here's to unforgotten years, 
   And here's a health to thee, Lassie! 

March 1826. 

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