Collected Poems of Henry Derozio: Preface by Manu Samriti Chander; Edited by Amardeep Singh

Song of the Hindoostanee Minstrel

WITH surmah tinge thy black eye's fringe, 
   'Twill sparkle like a star; 
With roses dress each raven tress, 
   My only loved Dildar! 


Dildar! there's many a valued pearl 
   In richest Oman's sea; 
But none, my fair Cashmerian girl! 
   O! none can rival thee. 


In Busrah there is many a rose 
   Which many a maid may seek, 
But who shall find a flower which blows 
   Like that upon thy cheek? 


In verdant realms, 'neath sunny skies, 
   With witching minstrelsy, 
We'll favor find in all young eyes, 
   And all shall welcome thee. 

Around us now there's but the night, 
   The heaven alone above;  
But soon we'll dwell in cities bright, 
   Then cheer thee, cheer thee, love! 


The heart eternally is blest 
   Where hope eternal springs; 
Then hush thy sorrows all to rest, 
   We'll tread the courts of kings. 


In palace halls our strains we'll raise, 
   There all our songs shall flow; 
Come cheer thee, sweet! for better days 
   Shall dawn upon our woe. 


Nay weep not, love! thou shouldst not weep, 
   The world is all our home; 
Life's watch together we shall keep, 
   We'll love where'er we roam. 


Like birds from land to land we'll range, 
   And with our sweet sitar
Our hearts the same, though worlds may change, 
   We'll live, and love, Dildar! 
May, 1827. 

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