African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Colored American Magazine

Colored American Magazine was published from 1900-1909, and included a long list of influential contributors, including W.E.B. Du Bois, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Pauline Hopkins, and T. Thomas Fortune. The magazine was originally published in Boston, under the editorship of Walter Wallace. Starting in the spring of 1904, the magazine moved from Boston to New York City, under new ownership. 

In terms of literary contributions, the magazine is perhaps best known as the venue where Pauline Hopkins published many important short stories. Starting in 1901, Hopkins was the editor of the "Women's Section" in the magazine, and starting in May 1903, she became the literary editor of the magazine. Pauline Hopkins followed the magazine after its move, but was pushed out by financial supporters of the magazine, and resigned as editor after November 1904. 

There is a very informative and well-designed site dedicated to The Colored American Magazine here. Unfortunately, it is not at present complete, and many of the high quality PDF scans of the magazine are not searchable. There is also a collection of page images of the magazine at HathiTrust. 

Here are some of the poems published in "Colored American Magazine" (1900-1909): 

William Stanley Braithwaite
A Group of Lyrics, February 1904
Holly Berry and Mistletoe: Lyrics, December 1901
In My Lady’s Praise, August 1903
Keepers of the Temple, September 1909
A Leave Taking, September 1901
A Little Song, September 1901
Love Lyrics (“A Little World,” “Two on the Cliffs”), September 1901
Love’s Wayfaring, August 1902
The Quality of Color, May 1902
Lyrics for June, June 1902
Near the End of April, May 1904
The Returning Road of Dreams, May 1904, July 1904
A Song of Living, January 1909
Thanksgiving, November 1901
To Beatrice, September 1901

James D. Corrothers
An Awful Problem Solved, November 1903
A Dixie Thanksgivin’ (in “Three Negro Poets”), April 1901
The Gift of the Greatest God, December 1901
Greatness, March 1902
Juny at the Gate, May 1902
The Lost Pearl, March 1904
Me ‘N’ Dunbar, July 1901
Ministerial Courtesy, August 1904
The Psalm of a Race, March 1903
The River in the Dells, July 1904
The Snapping of the Bow, May 1901
A Thanksgivin’ Turkey (in “Three Negro Poets”), April 1901
To ——– (A Sonnet), November 1901
Years That Are to Come, January 1905

Paul Laurence Dunbar
Accountability (in “Three Negro Poets”), April 1901 (rpt. January 1907)
Beyond the Years, January 1908
By the Stream, June 1908
The Colored Soldiers, December 1906 (rpt. August 1909)
Compensation, January 1905
Disappointed, June 1908
Foolin’ Wif de Seasons (in “Three Negro Poets”), April 1901
Frederick Douglass, February-March 1908 (rpt. February 1909)
If, July 1908
John Greenleaf Whittier, December 1907
Life (in “Three Negro Poets”), April 1901
A Plea (in “Three Negro Poets”), April 1901
Preparation, March 1909
Religion, March 1907
Retrospection, May 1907
Soliloquy of a Turkey, January 1907
Spring Song, April 1907 (rpt. April 1908)
Time to Tinker Roun’ (in “Three Negro Poets”), April 1901
Unexpressed, January 1907
With the Lark (in “Three Negro Poets”), April 1901

T. Thomas Fortune 
Abraham Lincoln (January-February 1902)

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