Women of the Early Harlem Renaissance: African American Women Writers 1900-1922

Oh List To My Song!

Oh list to my song, my sweet, dark eyed dove!
   Oh list to thy lover today!
For I've come from afar, to woo thee again,
   Though, erstwhile, you sent me away.

But I heard thy sighs in my troubled dreams.
   And methought they were sighs of pain;
So I've I've come, I've tome on the wings of my love,
   To offer my true heart again.

Oh say that my heart has not hoped in vain!
   Oh tell me the sweet dream was true!
And lift those dark lashes, oh sweet love of mine.
   And hide not thine eyes from my view.

Oh love, those dear eyes are telling the tale,
   That thy lips refuse to repeat!
Come thou, to my heart; thou art mine, thou art mine,
   Till time and eternity meet!

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