Women of the Early Harlem Renaissance: African American Women Writers 1900-1922

A Lullaby

Hush ye, hush ye! honey, darlin',
   Hush ye, now, an' go to sleep;
Mammy's got to wash them dishes,
   An' she's got this floor to sweep.

You must think I'm made uv money,
   An's got nothin* else to do,
But to set here, in this rocker,
   Like a lady, holdin' you.

Now you's gone to laughin' at me;
   Little rascal! Hush! I say,
Mammy's got to wash them dishes.
   She ain't got no time to play.

Ef you don't quit lookin' at me,
   With that little sassy eye,
I declare, I'll tell your daddy,
   An' tonight, he'll make you fly.

Now jest look how you's a-laughin';
   See you's bound to have your way,
I'll jest have to set an' hold you;
   Won't git nothin' done today.

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