Women of the Early Harlem Renaissance: African American Women Writers 1900-1922

Out of the Deep: a Prayer

Out of the deep, I cry to Thee, oh Lord!
   Out of the deep of darkness, and distress;
I cannot, will not doubt Thy blessed word,
   Oh, God of righteousness!

I cry, and oh, my God, I know Thou'lt heed,
   For Thou hast promised Thou wouldst heed my cry;
I have no words to tell my deepest need,
   Thou knowest oh, Most High!

Thou knowest all the pain,--the agony,
   The grief I strive so vainly to express;
Oh let Thy shelt'ring wings spread over me,
   Great God of tenderness!

I cannot, cannot cease to cry to Thee,
   For oh, my God, this heart is not my own,
And as the streams press ever to the sea,
   My heart turns to Thy throne.

And when too weak to lift my voice, I lie
   In utter silence at Thy blessed feet,
Thou'lt know, that silence is my deepest cry,
   Thy throne, my last retreat.

And shouldst Thou hide Thy face for aye, from me,
   My heart, though shattered, evermore would grope
Out through the darkness, still in search of Thee,
   Oh God, my only hope!

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