Women of the Early Harlem Renaissance: African American Women Writers 1900-1922

Mrs. Johnson Objects (Clara Ann Thompson)

Come right in this house, Will Johnson!
   Kin I teach you dignity?
Chasin' afl' them po'white children,
   Jest because you wan'to play.
Whut does po' white trash keer fah you?
   Want you keep away fum them,
Next, they'll be a-doin' meanness,
   An' a-givin' you the blame.
Don't come mumblin* 'bout their playthings,
   Yourn is good enough fah you;
'Twus the best that I could git you.
   An' you've got to make them do,
Go'n' to break you fum that habit.
   Yes, I am! An' mighty soon.
Next, you'll grow up like the white-folks,
   All time whinin' fah the moon.
Runnin' with them po' white children--
   Go'n' to break it up, I say!--
Pickin' up their triflin' habits,
   Soon, you'll be as spilte as they.
Come on here, an' take the baby--
   Mind now ! Don't you let her fall--
'Fo' I'll have you runnin' with them,
   I won't let you play at all.
Jest set there, an' mind the baby
   Till I tell you — You may go;
An' jest let me ketch you chasin'
   Aft' them white trash any mo'.

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