Women of the Early Harlem Renaissance: African American Women Writers 1900-1922

We'll Die for Liberty

We are children of oppression who are struggling to be free
From injustice, and the galling yoke of color-tyranny;
Our small band is facing bravely a relentless enemy.
      But we go fighting on.

For liberty we'll bare our breasts, and this our cry shall be:
''Equal rights and equal justice, equal opportunity,"
Undaunted we will face the foe and fight right valiantly
      To victory marching on.

In the name of Christ our Lord who suffered death upon the tree,
And of the Constitution, our proud country's guarantee,
And of the flag which over all should wave protectingly
      We'll strike for liberty.

Thus strongly fortified in right we'll strive triumphantly.
Till the glorious light of Freedom's torch shall flame from sea to sea;
And all the children of our land shall dwell in amity,
      As Truth goes marching on.

Then list, ye Sons of Morning, to a weaker brother's plea,
And harken. Hosts of Darkness, to our Heaven-inspired decree :
As He died to make men holy we will die for liberty,
      Thou, God, the issue keep.

      Chorus : Glory, glory, hallelujah! ||
         We'll die for liberty!
            || Repeat three times.


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