Women of the Early Harlem Renaissance: African American Women Writers 1900-1922

Negro Players on Broadway

(The Ridgley Torrence plays presented on Broadway
by Mrs. Emilie G. Hapgood, April, 1917. See more info. on these plays here
Behold! a Star is trembling in the East,
Whose pale light heralds a triumphant day,
The greatness of whose promise none can say,
Nor who the guest of honor at the feast,
When from the thrall of prejudice released,
Men see the Soul behind the Veil of Clay.
Then brother recognizing brother, may
Divine that least is great and great is least.
A beacon in the wilderness, O Star,
With ox-like eyes we note your lureful gleam.
And Star, so faintly shining from afar,
With God-like faith we watch the widening stream
Of light! Ho, Christ has come! the perfect day
In glory breaks never to pass away! 

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