Women of the Early Harlem Renaissance: African American Women Writers 1900-1922

An Opening Service (Clara Ann Thompson)

"Holy, holy, holy!" the choir chants sweet and low,
   And earnest hearts are lifted up in prayer;
The organ's mellow cadence peals solemn, soft, and slow,
   And God is with His people, gathered there.
"Holy, hoIy, holy!'' they bow before His will;
   The pastor's tones rise solemnly o'er all: --
"The Lord is in His temple, let all the earth be still;"
   A deep calm reigns throughout the sacred hall.
"Holy, holy, holy!" Who would not humbly bow,
   Before such holiness, such love divine?
And leaving pride and folly, join with His people, now,
   In faithful worship, at so pure a shrine.

"Holy, holy, holy!" their full hearts swell within,
   As o'er and o'er they hear the soft refrain;
And when, the service ended, the choir rings out 'Amen',
   A hundred voices mingle in the strain.

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