Women of the Early Harlem Renaissance: African American Women Writers 1900-1922

Prayer for Deliverance

Father omnipotent,
God of the universe,
Thou Great Jehovah,
            We humbly beseech Thee!
Harken our loud lament,
See Thou our naked need,
Heed Thou our earnest prayer,
            Witness our tears!
Father, the enemy
Stealeth our lives away,
Feedeth us bitter bread,
            Abaseth our pride!
O God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob,
Of saints and of prophets,
            Our trust is in Thee!
Scourge him who scoffeth us--
Useth us despitefully--
Stealeth our substance
            Thy vengeance, we pray!
O Thou who knowest all,
O Thou who seest all,
O Thou who rulest all,
            Flay and spare not!

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