Claude McKay's Early Poetry (1911-1922): A Digital Collection

My Pretty Dan

I HAVE a póliceman down at de Bay,
An' he is true to me though far away.

I love my pólice, and he loves me too,
An' he has promised he'll be ever true.

My little bobby is a darlin' one,
An' he's de prettiest you could set eyes 'pon.

When he be'n station' up de countryside,
Fus' time I shun him sake o' foolish pride.

But as I watched him patrolling his beat,
I got to find out he was nice an' neat.

More still I foun' out he was extra kin', 
An' dat his precious heart was wholly mine.

Den I became his own a true sweetheart,
An' while life last we're hopin' not fe part. 

He wears a truncheon an' a handcuff case,
An' pretty cap to match his pretty face.

Dear lilly p'liceman stationed down de sout',
I feel your kisses rainin' on my mout'.

I could not give against a policeman;
For if I do, how could I lub my Dan?

Prettiest of naygur is my dear police,
We'll lub foreber, an' our lub won't cease.

I have a policeman down at de Bay,
An' he is true to me though far away. 

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