Claude McKay's Early Poetry (1911-1922): A Digital Collection

To Inspector W.E. Clark (On the Eve of His Departure for England)

[Note: This poem has a companion poem in Constab Ballads, "To Inspector W.E. Clark (On his return)" ]

FAREWELL, dear Sir, a sad farewell!
An' as across the deep you sail,
   Bon voyage we wish you:
We love you deepest as we can
As officer an' gentleman,
   With love slncere an' true.

Though often you have been our judge,
We never owed you one lee grudge,
   For you were always fair:
So, as the sad farewell we say,
May Neptune guide you, Sir, we pray,
   With ever watchful care.

But as you travel to our home
Sad are the strange thoughts which will come,
   Bringin' an aching pain;
That as this is a fitful life,
With disappointments ever rife,
   We may not meet again. 

Yet while our hearts are filled with grief,
The god of hope brings sweet relief
   An' bids us not despair:
Of all our thoughts we cannot tell,
But wish you, Sir, a fond farewell,
   A farewell of good cheer. :

         21st May, 1911.

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