African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Charles Frederick White, "In Honor Of Lincoln" (1896/ 1908)


Hail! ye heroes who yet stand!
Hail the martyr of our land!
Hail him who for his country delved!
Him who the great rebellion quelled!
Him who rent our fetters twain,
Him who broke the clanking chain
Which 'round our lives did e'er entwine,
Resounding loud its doleful chime!

On, oh nation, strong and great,
Though the world predict thy fate!
The future may yet have in store
Some deed to test thy strength of yore.
On, oh nation, in thy might,
Ever upward in thy flight!
Hail Lincoln,—though to rest he's laid,—
Who freed us by God's mighty aid.
Jan., 1896.

Published in Plea of the Negro Soldier: And a Hundred Other Poems, 1908

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