African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Carrie Williams Clifford, "A Kindergarten Song" (1920)

LITTLE babies in a row,
Little dresses white as snow;
No hair, crinkled hair, straight hair, curls—
Lovely little boys and girls!
LITTLE children in a ring.
Hear them as they gaily sing!
Red child, yellow child, black child, white—
That's what makes the ring all right.
LAD and lassie, youth and maid,
Born in sunshine, born in shade;
Zulu, Esquimaux, Saxon, Jew,
United, make the world come true!
GOD'S big children all at work
Not one dares his task to shirk;
"All for each, and each for all"—
White man, red man black man, tall.

Published in The Brownies' Book, April 1920

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