Collected Poems of Henry Derozio: Preface by Manu Samriti Chander; Edited by Amardeep Singh

An Invitation

   O! Sure the soft tight on the moon was made 
   To lead fond lovers to their midnight bower, 
   That unto each it might be given to say, 
   Bliss has been mine!

To-night, to-night on bush and bower 
   The lady-moon will shine; 
Then come, and glad that rosy hour 
   With all those charms of thine. 

The stars will twinkle in the sky 
   Like those bright eyes I love; 
The soft breeze, like a lover's sigh 
   Will play around our grove. 

The bulbul's song will be doubly sweet; 
   The wave will wander by, 
And bring its music to thy feet,
   And Lady! so will I. 

My fairest wreath of minstrelsy 
   For thee I'll proudly twine; 
And that the sweetest flower shall be 
   Which tells those charms of thine. 

Around my bower the woodbine twines, 
   The rosebud blooms there too — 
But what are these, and the clustering vines, 
   And the myrtle, without you? 

My cup will flow with regal wine,
   Like thy lips so rich and red ; 
And there the moonbeams white will shine 
Upon that ruby bed. 

But what's red wine or moonbeam white, 
   if thee I meet not there? 
Thy cheek shall be the red wine bright, 
   Thy brow the moonbeam fair. 

Thy fairy feet on flowers shall tread 
   By angels scattered round; 
Each sight for thee shall beauteous be, 
   And musical each sound. 

Then come — to-night, on bush, and bower 
   The lady-moon will shine , 
O! come, and glad that rosy hour 
   With all those charms of thine. 

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