Collected Poems of Henry Derozio: Preface by Manu Samriti Chander; Edited by Amardeep Singh


   Our hopes are like young birds, and where they fly 
   We know not; but alas! they soar too-far, 
   And then, with broken pinions fall to earth. 

I would I were a ray of light 
   To play upon the wave. 
With the spirits of the water, 
And the Ocean's lovely daughter; 
Or down to dart with arrowy flight 
   To the mermaid's coral caveI 

I would I were a dream to glide 
   Into a poet's brain, 
That he might tell of world's unseen, 
And flowers and stars that ne'er have been. 
And mark the flow of pleasure's tide. 
   And sapphire skies serene. 

I would I were a mellow tone 
   Of a young lover's lute, 
That Zephyr me might onward bear, 
And pour me gently in the ear 
Of some beloved and lovely one, 
   Her soft heart to salute. 

I would I were a starry gem 
   Upon the brow of night, 
That lovers' eyes might turn to me 
To witness all their ecstasy, — 
How blest I'd be in blessing them 
   Though with a trembling light. 

I would I were the tear that flows 
   From woman's pensive eye; 
To be on woman's rosy cheek 
Were rapture words may never speak, 
And when her cheek with passion glows 
   'Twere sweetest there to lie. 

I would I were the hope that fires 
   A youthful minstrel's breast. 
While to his lady's ear he brings 
Strains, such as a seraph sings ; — 
O! there if ever Hope expires 
It sweetly sinks to rest! 

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