Collected Poems of Henry Derozio: Preface by Manu Samriti Chander; Edited by Amardeep Singh

Fakeer of Jungheera 1.27

"Nay—this is now no dreaming hour— 
"Beats not my heart reply to thine, 
"And clasp I not my pearl, my flower, 
"My star—the precious all that's mine— 
"And feel I not thy burning sighs 
"Like incense from a censer bright, 
"And sparkle not thy speaking eyes? 
"No—no—this is no dream to-night. 
"Or if a vision fair it be 
"It breathes too warm of ecstasy; 
"And oh! too much, too much of heaven 
"Unto this blissful hour is given— 
"Come cheer thee, Love! betide what may, 
"It will not, cannot pass away. 
"Nay, weep not yet, it is too soon 
"To cloud with grief our golden moon; 
"I pray thee, dash away that tear, 
"No sign of woe should threaten here— 
"But if thy fears would prophesy 
"Of gathering ill, and danger nigh, 
"Believe them not, my gentle Love! 
"No vulture here shall scare my dove.— 
"Ah, wherefore then through fire and sword 
"To snatch from death essay did I 
"My best beloved, my most adored, 
"If thus our joys must early die? 
"No, surely all the pitying powers 
"So dark a doom will ne'er decree— 
"Long years of sunshine shall be ours, 
"And all in mercy, sweet! to thee. 
"Thy tender heart, thy spirit pure 
"Beaming through those celestial eyes, 
"Shall cloudless days of gold secure 
"And happiest nights of diamond skies. 
"Then fear not, gentlest! earthly woe 
"Can never to our lot be given; 
"Thou art too heavenly yet to know 
"A single thought that's not from heaven; 
"And earth a shadow dare not fling 
"Upon thy spotless spirit's wing!— 
"My night of life hath passed away, 
"And thou—the orb that beamed afar- 
"Art sparkling in the brow of day, 
"My gem of hope, my rising star! 
"O! thou hast broken the cheerless gloom 
"That frowned my luckless lot above, 
"And brought me fondly in its room 
"The light, the life, the soul of love! 
"The past unto my spirit seems 
"Like tales long told, or fleeted dreams; 
"The present shines so warm, so bright 
"As if our souls were dwellers fair 
"In day's resplendent orb of light, 
"Enjoying all the bliss that's there, 
"And oh! if brightness more may be, 
"The future beams so bright to me.— 
"No more to Mecca's hallowed shrine 
"Shall wafted be a prayer of mine; 
"No more shall dusky twilight's ear 
"From me a cry complaining hear; 
"Henceforth I turn my willing knee 
"From Alla, Prophet, heaven, to thee!" 

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