Collected Poems of Henry Derozio: Preface by Manu Samriti Chander; Edited by Amardeep Singh

Fakeer of Jungheera 1.14

Nuleeni's eye is not upon the dead, 
To one afar her parting thoughts have fled; 
And she remembers now the blissful hours 
That flew on odorous wings in those bright bowers 
Where erst she met him !—Love's Elysian beam 
Glides like a golden thread, through life's dark dream; 
Still turns the eye unto that glittering thing, 
Nor dares to wander from its magic ring.— 
O! if existence but in tempests pass'd, 
And o'er the soul were gloom perpetual cast; 
Though round the heart destructive lightning played 
And low that fragile thing in ruin laid; 
Still, life would still be sweet, if but on high 
Love's rainbow gleamed along the blackening sky 
Though for one moment—then its hues might fleet— 
That one bright moment would make being sweet. 
She speechless stands, but her full heart is fraught 
With feelings maddening, and surcharged with thought 
The close observer skilfully might trace 
Her passions' workings in her varying face; 
Like troubled waters in her breast they glow, 
Dammed up, confined, but struggling for a flow; 
And could they flow the multitude would see 
Grief for the dead was wanting;—could she be, 
While by her husband's lifeless form, unmoved 
If ever she that lifeless form had loved?— 
Of woman judge not thus; her heart expires 
Even like the phoenix in its own-made fires; 
Her hopes, affections, happiness, she brings 
To her soul's deity, as offerings. 

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