Collected Poems of Henry Derozio: Preface by Manu Samriti Chander; Edited by Amardeep Singh

Fakeer of Jungheera, 1.1

Canto the First.

   Affections are not made for merchandize.— 
   What will ye give in barter for the heart? 
   Has this world wealth enough to buy the store 
   Of hopes, and feelings, which are linked for ever 
   With Woman's soul? 

How like young spirits on the wing 
The viewless winds are wandering! 
Now o'er the flower-bells fair they creep 
Waking sweet odours out of sleep; 
Now stealing softly through the grass 
That rustles as the breezes pass, 
Just breathing such a gentle sigh 
As Love would live for ever by! 
The sun-lit stream in dimples breaks, 
As when a child from slumber wakes, 
Sweet smiling on its mother—there, 
Like heavenly hope o'er mortal care! 
The sun is like a golden urn 
Where floods of light for ever burn, 
And fall like blessings fast on earth, 
Bringing its beauties brightly forth. 
From field to field the butterfly 
Flits—a bright creature of the sky; 
As if an angel plucked a flower 
From fairest heaven's immortal bower— 
The loveliest, and the sweetest there 
Blooming like bliss in life's parterre; 
And after having pinions given 
   As earnest of eternal powers, 
To show what beauty buds in heaven, 
   Had sent it to this world of ours. 
And wildly roving there the bes 
On quivering wing of melody 
From shrub to shrub enamoured hies, 
Then, like a faithless lover, flies, 
Giddy and wild even as he sips 
Their honey from the fiowrets' lips. 
O! there beneath the chequered shade 
By the wide-spreading Banyan made, 
How sweetly wove might be the theme 
Of gifted bard's delicious dream! 
His temples fanned by freshening air, 
His brain by fancies circled fair, 
His heart on pleasure's bosom laid, 
His thoughts in robes of song arrayed— 
How blest such beauteous spot would be 
Unto the soul of minstrelsy! 

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