African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

L.A. Proctor, "My Little Love Salome" (1911)

I have wander’d late and early to the spot I love so dearly,
Where the scent of honeysuckle mingles with the tender rose.
There the incense sweet and holy sheathing me, I dreaming only
While a subtle spell fast held me as the mist above me posted.
A sweet fragrance as of clover all around me seem’d to hover.
While a secret power charmed me and my senses idly roam’d.
Then a magic something shower’d and a halo ‘round me flowered
While I courted fancy notions of my little love Salome. 
I have faced from climates warmer, white and dusky wily charmers,
And I’ve watched their flirting eyelash and their actions blithe or shy
But withal their fetching manner did not charm me nor enamor,
I saw nothing in their graces that was pleasing to my eye.
But the rose to me so sweetly cooing, loving so discreetly,
Sends a summons of devotion ev’ry place that I may roam.
For she is a gem completely, clad in robes precise and neatly.
And the bond of love is lasting between me and sweet Salome. 

Published in The Crisis, May 1911
Edited by Christian Farrior

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