African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

William H.A. Moore, "That One Might Live in the Sunlight Glad" (1913)

That one might live in the sunlight glad
   And know the day;
That one might dream in the shadows 
   And love alway.
To love and to live and to know,
To feel the sea's strength and sea's flow,
That one might sleep while the heart is mad
   And sorrow play!

that one might speak when the soul's athirst
   And hear the cry;
That one might feel when the heart has burst
  And love the why.
O to speak and to feel and to know,
O to love the wind's strength and wind's blow,
That one might walk with the sorrows first,
   Nor weep, nor sigh!

O to know and to love and to live,
O to speak and hear and to give,
   Nor fear to die! 

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