African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Effie Lee Newsome, "Sun Disk" (1923)

Grant old Egypt dead, what words shall thank thee
For the tenuous touch that carved the portion,
And wrought apart the place unchanging
That marks the dark man's challenge
From the ancient world of art?

That winged sun has wended through the ages,
And known its shape on silk and blinding page;
Been inset with the gems of burning jewels
By artisans who swing again th disk
On wings outspread, which sweep e'en centuries by!

Signet of Ra that the swart Pharoahs singled,
Sons of the sun,
When time and the russet mummy are lost in abyss,
And symbols and sun disk shall no longer bind death
By mystical strands to the cycles of earth,

That wisdom supernal which made wise the Pharoahs,
Will judge generations more knowing than they,
Which bury themselves deep in His Life Eternal,
That fain would fold races in Infinity.

Published in The Crisis, June 1923

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