African American Poetry (1870-1928): A Digital Anthology

Rosalie Jonas, "Brother Baptis' On Woman Suffrage" (1912)

When hit come ter de question er de female vote,
De ladies an’ de cullud folks is in de same boat.
Ef de Boss feelin’ good an’ we outs his han’,
We kin shout fur freedom, an’ foller de ban’.
We kin play at freedom, so longs’ we play.
But ef we gits thinkin’, an’ comes out an’ say:
Case one’s borned a female, an’ ones borned black,
Is dat any reason fur sottin’ way back?
Is dat any reason fur sottin’ da-put?
You kin betcher bottom dollar dat de Boss’s fut.
Gwine ter sprout big claws, till dey comes clar thoo,
An’ he climps hit heavy on bofe us two.
Case de tears er de mudder, nur de sign, er de cross,
Ain’t shame all de debbil yit, outen de Boss!

Published in The Crisis, September 1912

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